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Nealand plays jazz for Walden School

July 2nd, 2015

Dublin, N.H., July 2, 2015 – A special evening of traditional New Orleans jazz with Aurora Nealand and the Royal Roses will be held Friday, at 7 p.m. at the Dublin School.

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Pianist Blair McMillen opens Walden School series

July 1st, 2015


DUBLIN, N.H., July 1, 2015 — Summer music camps, combining focused isolation and self-contained richness, channel something of Henry David Thoreau’s joy in realizing that his Walden retreat “was as far off as many a region viewed nightly by astronomers . . . a withdrawn, but forever new and unprofaned, part of the universe.” The Walden School, […]

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Music Comes to Life at The Walden School’s Summer Programs June 25th, 2015

During the summer months, the Dublin School campus is transformed into a mecca for musicians who come from all over the country, even around the world, to participate in programs hosted by The Walden School.    

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