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2017 Season Highlights

September 11th, 2017

Transformative Programs: Walden’s 35th season at our wonderful host Dublin School celebrated another exciting season during campus construction of a new dorm, refurbished academic buildings, and a remodeled recital hall (with air-conditioning!) that Walden will be able to utilize in 2018. • Walden’s 45th Young Musicians Program brought creative, talented young composers from 12 states […]

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eNews: InterNetzo – December 2016

December 23rd, 2016

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Message from Seth Brenzel, Executive Director:


Happy Holidays to one and all!

I hope this message finds you enjoying the spirit of the season – full of anticipation and hope for the coming New Year. We here at Walden have been busy wrapping up the 2016 season and are now readying 2017 applications, mailing fundraising appeals to our supporters, organizing January holiday parties around the country, and turning our attention to the coming summer. So while you’re hunkered down through the winter, know that we are hankering for all things summer.

2016 was a banner summer, which unfortunately began the same day as the many-alarm fire in San Francisco that displaced the Walden administrative office. Just as we were welcoming participants to the Creative Musicians Retreat, we heard the news that the space we’ve been in for 15 years was lost. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but 8-10 buildings were destroyed or severely impaired, including Walden’s. We lost furniture and supplies, records and equipment, but a remarkable amount of things survived so that we could dry and clean them from the extensive water and smoke damage. Mostly, however, we’ve lost a home away from our New Hampshire summer home and of course, time – time to remove our items, time to find a new office, and time to work through restoring records and moving in. Thanks to all for your outpouring of support. We’re now settled in our new place, and if you’re in San Francisco, we hope you will come and visit us.

The Walden School
30 Monterey Boulevard, Suite E
San Francisco, California 94131

There are a lot of great stories in this newsletter. I hope you’ll read about the success of our wonderful summer programs, the Creative Musicians Retreat and the Young Musicians Program. For those of you who are alumni and past members of the summer community, I hope you’ll continue to identify in present-day Walden the many things that made your experiences so special when you participated. From hikes to local mountains, singing in chorus, the Word of the Day, Composers Forums, Goodnight Music, and more, much of the essence of Walden and JCC remains present and palpable to alumni who visit.

We mourn the recent passing of Pauline Oliveros, mentor to many Walden students and faculty, past and present. She was a member of Walden’s Advisory Council, a longtime and loyal donor, and a visiting artist. Her music is integral to Walden’s programs, performed by the community each summer. Her musicianship and teaching were legendary, and the music world has lost a remarkable person. Her music and her call to each of us to listen deeply will most certainly live on. Rest in peace, Pauline.

And finally, The Board of Directors, at its summer meeting, unanimously adopted Walden’s new mission and vision statements. Our wonderfully crafted previous mission and vision statements held us in good stead for the past 17 years, but it was time to refine and clarify Walden’s purpose for now and the years ahead. I share them here in hopes that you will derive as much inspiration from them as I do.

The Walden School inspires artistic expression and personal growth through experiential music programs.
The Walden School envisions a world in which people engage with one another creatively, collaboratively, and with respect.

Best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season.

Extra! Extra! Read all about Walden’s banner season and more about what’s next. 

Walden-ICE Partnership

July 12th, 2016


Student works to be performed as part of Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival’s 50th Anniversary Celebration; student performers collaborate with ICE in presenting music by George Lewis and Pauline Oliveros

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July 12, 2016, DUBLIN, NH—Each summer The Walden School welcomes young musicians (ages 9-18) to work and play alongside renowned performers and composers, together fostering enthusiasm for creating new music into the 21st century. This is Walden’s second year partnering with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), and the anticipation is high.

“We are especially excited about the collaboration students experience on both levels. They witness the spirit of creative teamwork modeled by their faculty artists and the professional ensemble, and learn how to develop that high-level interaction themselves, among their peers,” says Executive Director Seth Brenzel, himself an alumus (1985-1990) of this extraordinary program. “We are honored to have established relationships with many of ICE’s members as performing and teaching artists over the years,” he adds.

ICE pianist Jacob Greenberg says, “Walden is a uniquely intense and encouraging environment for its students. It’s not every day that we’re able to collaborate with students as engaged, curious, and gung-ho as the ones we meet here. We throw a lot of crazy stuff at these students, and they rarely bat an eye!”

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