Electronic Music

  • I was more productive during that week than I have been all year, and I absolutely cannot wait for next summer.

    – Creative Musicians Retreat Participant


Electronic Music at The Walden School Creative Musicians Retreat focuses on two disciplines:

Computer Musicianship:
Computer Musicianship is the introductory electronic music course designed with two goals in mind:

1) to teach a composer the equipment, software and techniques associated with computer music and 2) to open one’s ears to the sounds of the natural world around us, thus exposing participants to perhaps the most fertile and underused source for new music: the world in which we live. Computer Musicianship teaches participants how to use recording technology and to manipulate and sequence sound on a number of software platforms, while also looking at live electronic music. In addition to focusing on techniques, the course familiarizes participants to the more than seventy-years-worth of music associated with the electronic music genre.

Live Electronic Music:
Live Electronic Music is an intensive one-week course in computer music programming. Taught in Max/MSP or SuperCollider, this course explores the basics of programming, algorithmic manipulation of audio, interface design, and incorporation of midi and OSC-based hardware controllers. This course is designed for musicians with a background in electronic music, but little or no experience with computer music programming.

Dr. Sam Pluta, is the Director of Electronic Music at the Creative Musicians Retreat.

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