• A week of laughter, peace, and pure musical joy.

    – Creative Musicians Retreat Participant


About the Walden School Musicianship Course

The Walden School Musicianship Course is an original approach to teaching the fundamentals of music with an emphasis on creative application, specifically through music improvisation and composition.

Students are led to discover new materials and concepts for themselves. Following discovery, they are given thorough aural, keyboard and written drill work in each area of study. Finally, they are encouraged to apply the materials to an improvisation or a composition. The Musicianship Course begins with a foundation in basic acoustics and proceeds through intervals, triads, and modes to functional harmony. Musicianship classes offer lessons in basic acoustics, intervals, major and minor triads, cycles, modes, functional harmony, advanced/extended harmonic language, jazz musicianship and analysis, among other topics.

In addition, the course offers activity-based methods for developing high-level fluency with theoretical concepts and effective methods for teaching ear training and rhythms.

Participants in the Pedagogy Track at the Creative Musicians Retreat will delve more deeply into the Walden School Musicianship Course, gaining fresh ideas to infuse their own teaching with new approaches. The Pedagogy Track is appropriate for those teaching music at all levels in a variety of settings.

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