Our Supporters

  • Walden perfectly joins high musical standards with playful, supportive and engaging teaching.

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

Walden donors make donations in a wide range of giving levels from $10 a year to $50,000. Here are some reasons why parents, alumni and friends support Walden, in their own words.

Supporter Testimonials

Barbara and Charles Mallonee – Parents of Young Musicians Program alumni

“We’re both teachers, drawing close to our retirement years–we don’t have as much money to give to organizations we admire as we would like. One reason (among so many!) that we give to Walden is that it’s a place where our gift really makes a difference.”

Hugh Osborn and Claudia Wallis – Parents of Young Musicians Program alumni

“Walden is a unique and precious place. How many programs are there that teach thirteen year olds to compose music, to write it down by hand, and then have it performed by professional musicians? It’s a place that demands both creativity and discipline. And that’s the most winning combination I can think of. To support this kind of instruction is to give a gift to the next generation of Americans.”

Cara Haxo – Young Musicians Program Alumna

I give to Walden because I believe that all young people should be able to experience its magic. Not only does Walden provide superb musical training and opportunities, it teaches the values of kindness and friendship. It inspires its students to be independent individuals and to embrace their differences; it fosters growth, creativity, and acceptance. More than anything else, Walden is an ever-growing family, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.

Beatrice Jindra – Junior Conservatory Camp alumna

“My respect for Mrs. Cushman prompted me to establish my bequest to The Walden School. Mrs. Cushman’s sincere dedication to nurture her students, to provide an ambiance for creativity, and genuine love for her work motivated my contribution. Her philosophy is carried on at The Walden School.”

Thomas Hecht – Former faculty member

“The Walden experience will always occupy a special place in my heart. Every now and then a line or two from “Good Night, music” creeps into my thoughts and at once I am transported back to those wonderful summer days. Thanks for so many fond memories…and best wishes to all for continued success!”

Chen Yi – Advisory Council

“I have had very inspiring experiences working with the young composers at The Walden School. I like its innovating vision, admire their devoted teachers, and think that all the students will really treasure what they have learned there in the years to come.”

Karen Rabins – Parents of Young Musicians Program alumni

“What’s great is Walden’s acceptance of kids who are not in the mainstream. Walden lets kids be who they are. Our kids’ creativity was not supported in high school, but at Walden it was.”

Shira Singer and David Manski – Parents of Young Musicians Program alumni

“Walden provides an incredible environment for young people who are passionate about music. Our son’s life was greatly enriched by his summers at Walden; he matured both personally and musically. It is hard to believe, but this year he graduates from the New England Conservatory in Jazz Performance. Thank you for offering him a wonderful experience.”

Rosie Smith and Linda McNeil – Parents of Young Musicians Program alumni

“Walden was SO instrumental for Rachael (Luther) in finding not only her music and voice, but also peer acceptance, all really for the first time! And it fed our souls too–especially Festival Weeks. The Walden School is too worth while NOT to support — we need WAY more of its ilk in this world!”

Stephen and Jackie Astle – Former board member

“Jackie and I are pleased to support The Walden School, in part because of our love for music – especially living music – and because of our belief in Walden’s mission. We have two young children, and hope that one day they’ll get to experience the Walden School program. It’s hard, as parents, to listen to the news today and not be concerned for our children’s future. Yet programs like Walden’s give us hope: we’d like nothing more than for our girls to be part of making the world a place where creativity, collaboration and mutual respect are commonplace.”