What Walden Means to Me…

  • Not only did it increase my skill as a musician and my confidence as a teacher, it changed the way I hear sound itself.

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

A letter from Sarah – YMP Parent

Walden is not only an amazing musical community; it is an amazing community, period. A strong ethos of mutual respect, encouragement, and support for each person’s creativity pervades the campus almost palpably and seems to lift every Walden student aloft. My child definitely feels most wholly herself, most fully realized, at Walden. Walden accepts and celebrates her for exactly who she is, and clearly communicates that her contributions to the Walden community—both musical and personal—are highly valued. It is inspiring for me as an adult to witness this community in action and even, as a parent, to take a small part in it, and I have tried to carry some of the spirit of Walden into my own life. If only the rest of the world were more like Walden!

On the musical side, Walden offers a wonderfully immersive experience that draws all students into an enjoyable and collaborative musical universe. The classes are fun rather than work, and the students are encouraged to venture outside their musical comfort zones in ways they really appreciate after the fact. The opportunity to work with renowned musicians on the world premiere of their own composition is an especially inspirational moment for Walden students.

My whole family has benefitted from my child’s engagement with Walden. I am so glad we discovered it.

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