What Walden Means to Me…

  • I have found my people.

    – Young Musicians Program student

NathanNathan’s Walden Story, Guest Artist

In 1999, Nathan’s sextet performed a concert at the Keene Public Library, an organization with which Walden has partnered for many years. A Walden faculty member happened to be at the concert and thought the sextet, Non Sequitur, would be a great resident ensemble for Walden’s summer programs. Non Sequitur arrived as an ensemble-in- residence in 2000. Nathan played student and faculty pieces in some capacity thru 2010, and he was able to return in 2017 with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE).

Nathan fell in love with Walden. He never could have imagined such a wonderful environment existed for young musicians, and he wished he had attended something like Walden when he was younger. Similar to many people involved with Walden, however, he did reach Walden at a crossroads in his early career as a professional. Walden was and continues to be an influential and inspiring part of his journey as a performer. It reminds him of why he does what he does, and he considers himself lucky, as a new music performer, to have played hundreds of world premieres by faculty and students during his time at Walden. Now, 17 years after he first played at Walden, he often finds himself working with composers whose pieces he played when they attended Walden as young students.

Nathan appreciates that although the focus and content of Walden’s programs is primarily music, what Walden really addresses is a sense of community needed by everyone. It is an enduring community of talent that has the same feelings of acceptance and inspiration year after year. It benefits students, performers, and faculty alike. Nathan feels truly privileged to be a part of Walden’s influence in the worlds of music and community.

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