Teacher Training Institute

  • The Walden Intensive was a retreat to rejuvenate, reinvent, recharge, and reflect.

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

The Walden School Teacher Training Institute offers professional development opportunities to help music educators sharpen their musicianship skills, enrich their teaching with imaginative activities, and more effectively guide the creative voices of their students.

Workshops offered by The Walden School Teacher Training Institute are based upon The Walden School Musicianship Course, an original approach to teaching the fundamentals of music with an emphasis on creative application, specifically through music improvisation and composition. In addition, the course offers activity-based methods for developing high-level fluency with theoretical concepts and effective methods for teaching ear training.

“[At the workshop], I felt like I was learning all the time, growing in several dimensions.”

The Walden School Musicianship Course specializes in offering creative activities that are flexible and adaptable to a multitude of educational situations. Teachers fluent in Walden School methods are able to develop highly effective and personalized curricula. They are also able to infuse their teaching with “creative play” – inventive drills and improvisational games that not only develop fluency with theoretical concepts, but also make classrooms lively and inspiring, and help students discover a personal, creative voice.

The Walden School Teacher Training Institute offers introductory weekend workshops and five and ten day intensives. The weekend workshops are designed to offer teachers an overview of the course. The longer, more in-depth courses focus on a particular portion of The Walden School Musicianship Course and offer daily instruction in musicianship, computer musicianship, solfege / rhythms, and improvisation.

“I benefited from this workshop because the teaching was for teachers, not students.”

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