Certification Program

  • [The participants were] the most devoted, unassuming, eclectic and uniquely talented group I have ever participated in. 

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

The Walden School Certification Program

The Walden School Teacher Training Institute’s Certification Program enables music teachers to train to a desired level in The Walden School Musicianship Course, and like Suzuki, Dalcroze, or Orff instructors, alert potential students or employers of significant expertise and training. For the purpose of Certification, The Walden School Musicianship Course is divided into three sections. Three separate certificates, representing fluency in teaching each of the three sections of the Walden Musicianship Course, are offered. Each certificate requires attendance at one Summer Intensive plus the completion of a Musicianship Practicum, designed collaboratively with Institute Faculty, which takes place during the following nine-month academic year. The Walden School Musicianship Course is a cumulative course of study. As such, every certification candidate begins with the first section of the Course (Level I) and proceeds as far as s/he desires. For more information about The Walden School Certification Program, please contact us.

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