• The Walden Intensive was a retreat to rejuvenate, reinvent, recharge, and reflect.

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

2011 TTI Arms Up

The Walden School Teacher Training workshop serves educators involved in a number of professional areas:

Studio Music Teacher

A studio music teacher will learn fun, interactive ways of teaching the music fundamentals that are so vital to all musicians. He will return home invigorated and inspired to try new activities in his lessons — activities that will not only stimulate his own creativity as a teacher, but will also achieve more effective results with his students.

Primary, Middle or High School Teacher

A primary, middle or high school teacher will learn stimulating, effective, and proven methods for teaching music theory, rhythms and solfege. Through The Teacher Training Institute’s Certification Program, she will be mentored through a process of designing and implementing courses for her students that will improve their ensemble skills in measurable ways.

College Music Theory Teacher

A college music theory teacher will learn an activity-based approach to teaching college level music theory. He will return to his classroom with ideas for helping his students lift the music off the page – through singing, playing, and other creative activities that illuminate music structures.

Resident Composer-in-the-Schools

A resident composer-in-the-schools will gain access to a proven curriculum for teaching music with an emphasis on improvisation and composition. Through the Teacher Training Institute’s Certification Program she will partner with experienced Institute faculty in developing specific activities that will inspire compositional creativity in her students.

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