What People Are Saying

  • It’s a place where you want to learn everything [the faculty] are teaching you.

    – Young Musicians Program student

About the Young Musicians Program (YMP)
at The Walden School

“Walden students, faculty, staff, administrators, and supporters all create this community and are able to take this perspective into any other aspect of their lives. I think about it and live it every day when I meet with my students, when I design classes and curricula, when I collaborate with other artists, when I perform and compose, when I am in class, when I am with my friends and family, and when I think about what it means to be part of a community that is bigger than myself and bigger than music.” – Alex Christie, alumnus & Walden faculty member 


“I probably don’t have to tell you that every time we talk to our son, he sounds ecstatic. We knew that this experience was going to be good for him, but we could never have imagined how good. We’re so impressed by the program you’re running, and the ideal environment for growth that you’ve created for kids. …I assume that you find your reward in seeing all those musical souls flourish around you, but I hope you also realize how happy you’re making their parents.”

“We are immensely grateful to have found your program… looking at my daughter I know something profound occurred… Some mix of intellectual purpose, music and community has touched her, and the joy is palpable and big enough, I think, to go with her wherever she goes.”

“We are very grateful to have discovered your school! The profound influence Walden had on our son Samuel was clearly palpable. He returned from Walden’s Young Musicians Program truly inspired to compose and fully charged with a great purpose. Walden’s ability to create a highly inspiring music community with a common intellectual purpose is truly unique and he will carry these memories with him wherever he goes…!”

“Walden is not only an amazing musical community; it is an amazing community, period. A strong ethos of mutual respect, encouragement, and support for each person’s creativity pervades the campus almost palpably and seems to lift every Walden student aloft.”


“Walden School is a perfect world for me; nothing can top it. Everyone looks out for everyone else and we all have one common interest that we all cherish. And at the same time, we are coming from all over the country and the world. This is a very unique environment, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.”

“So much of who I am as a musician came out of my learning experience at Walden. It’s nearly impossible to describe the magic of retreating into music for an entire summer at Walden. It is there that I truly experienced music as a language – and learned that I could express myself in any number of ways and in any number of worlds – whether it be classical or jazz, piano performance or vocal performance.”

“Between the friends I make at Walden and the hard work I put in to create the final festival composition, the five weeks at Walden is always extremely satisfying and special. I take the knowledge I acquire at Walden into the rest of my year, and it makes my life better.”

“Walden was a tremendous and inspiring contact, such a positive force, and not just for the sake of music. I want to congratulate you and the school for being able to continue this spirit that I so amply felt. The many details, the ‘word of the day,’ the singing on the mountain’s peak– it was just moving. I felt a sense of community, of shared purpose and a contagious idealism.”

It’s a place where you want to learn everything [the faculty] are teaching you, and everybody around you is so interested in it, too. The method the teachers use in teaching the curriculum, it’s hands-on. If you have a different learning style, they are open to it.”


“In all of the residencies that I’ve participated in as a Composer-in-Residence, never have I seen such an amazingly thorough, enlightening, and fun learning situation as I experienced at Walden… I cannot think of a comparable situation for young composers/musicians to come together and gain so much.” – Jennifer Higdon, composer

“…Your staff is outstanding in every way. The content of instruction is of such high caliber and the delivery is user-friendly! What a combination. …You have packed a semester or two of music education into five short, fun-filled (but demanding) weeks. Bravo and thanks!” – Suzanne D. Thompson, music teacher

“The Walden School is one of America’s greatest hidden treasures. Though there are many music camps, there isn’t another like The Walden School with its focus on nurturing musicianship through the act of composing and creating. The Walden School’s unique curriculum nurtures the talent we need for the future of classical music – building young musicians who truly understand the power of making music from the perspective of the composer.” – Joan Tower, composer

“Tucked away in New Hampshire’s Monadnock hills, a summer camp like no other teaches kids as young as 9 to make magical sounds – not songs sung around campfires, but new American music. Without fanfare, The Walden School takes musically inclined children for five weeks each summer and gently guides them to be composers.” – Associated Press

“…I found perhaps the most supportive environment I have ever witnessed in any music program. Everything that I experienced at Walden was designed and implemented toward a single end – the development of the individual student’s sense of her or his own worth as a creative human being.” – James Mobberley, composer

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