“In the midst of winter,
I found there was, within me,
an invincible summer

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” — Albert Camus

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will Walden do to make sure it is safe to hold its programs in 2020?

A: There are many variables and protocols that are being considered in this regard, and the situation is rapidly changing. We are awaiting more specific guidance from the US CDC and State of New Hampshire, along with the American Camp Association, and will be working with Dublin School (our host facility) and our nurse in developing additional health and safety practices for summer 2020, in addition to all the ones we already implement every summer. Ideas, thoughts, and guidance in regard are changing all of the time, and we are staying abreast of relevant information as it comes to us. That said, at this time it is premature for us to conjecture on what specific protocols will be recommended for Walden to adopt and/or be required of us to implement.

Q: What if Walden does not operate its programs in 2020? Will we receive a refund?

A: Students/families will be offered three options: a full refund of payments already made, a partial refund/ability for you to donate a portion of the tuition to Walden, or the opportunity for Walden to save your place for summer 2021 or 2022 at the 2020 tuition/room/board price. It will be up to each individual student/family to choose which of these options works best, and more detail would be provided, should this come to pass.
Please write to us at billing@waldenschool.org with specific questions.

Q: Are there places in the student body for summer 2020? Can my friends or other people I know apply to participate in the 2020 programs?

A: Yes. We still have a few places in our student body for the coming summer. 
Apply for Our Summer 2020 Programs Today

Q: Should I make payments now according to the payment schedule?

A: Yes, please do. This ensures that your place is held in our student body for 2020, and that we make the appropriate plans for your participation.

Q: What if we cannot gather physically in New Hampshire this summer? Will an “online” or “distance-learning” version of programs be offered?

A: Virtual/at-a-distance programming will be offered in lieu of the Young Musicians Program (YMP), should YMP not be able to take place in Dublin, New Hampshire.
Walden’s 2020 Creative Musicians Retreat has been cancelled, and Walden faculty & artists are planning virtual/at-a-distance programming that all 2020 CMR participants and age-eligible Walden alumni can register for, which will take place in mid-June 2020. Sign up below for more details as our plans progress.
Learn more about Online Options for the Creative Musicians Retreat

Q: When will you know for sure whether Walden will happen for summer 2020?

A: Walden’s 2020 Creative Musicians Retreat has been cancelled, and Walden faculty & artists are planning virtual/at-a-distance programming that all 2020 CMR participants and age-eligible Walden alumni can register for, which will take place in mid-June 2020. More details to come soon.
Walden and our Young Musicians Program Leadership Team has reached no conclusion about summer 2020 in Dublin, and planning for that program continues.
While we do not have specific “decision-date” to share with you, we are aware that considerations such as travel and possible alternative/other summer plans impact our students, families, staff, faculty, artists, partners, and vendors. We would anticipate sometime in the middle of May as a decision timeframe that would make the most sense for the most number of impacted people. That said, this timeframe itself may need to change. Please rest assured we will stay in touch with you, and we welcome your staying in touch with us.

Q: Will you offer the Creative Musicians Retreat in 2021? If so, do I have to reapply?

A. Yes! We plan to offer the program in 2021 and for many years into the future, and we will keep you apprised of those plans; exact dates have not yet been set. And no, you will not need to reapply. We will guarantee your admission to either CMR 2021 or 2022, depending on which year you choose to come to CMR. We understand that for some people, it might not be possible to reschedule to next summer so easily, and so we want to give you up to two years to “redeem” your admission to Walden’s Creative Musicians Retreat. We might ask for some updated information, but your admission to CMR will be valid in 2021 or 2022.

Q: I applied for Creative Musicians Retreat financial aid. Will my aid award stay the same in the future? Do I need to reapply for aid in the future?

A. You would need to reapply for financial aid for a future summer.

Dearest Walden Community Members,
This is a tremendously challenging time for all of us. Our routines and near-term plans have been thrown into a state of flux; uncertainty abounds and the imperative to creatively and quickly adapt and improvise is ever-present. Know that I am right there with you.
Today, I wanted to share with you these resonant words from Walden’s vision:
“The Walden School envisions a world in which people engage with one another creatively, collaboratively, and with respect.” 
Our vision inspires me now more than ever, and I hope you will continue to join me in working to bring this vision into reality in our troubled world.
Walden is closely monitoring the rapidly developing situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout, assessing what this may mean for our summer programs.
As of now, we are planning on holding our programs in Dublin during summer 2020.We will continue to monitor the guidance from the CDC and health department in New Hampshire, and we will work closely with Walden’s summer host, the Dublin School, along with our medical staff as we make plans for the summer. The safety and wellbeing of all of our program participants (students, families, artists, faculty, staff, and partners) is our highest priority, and I will keep you informed as we have updates to share. Should you have questions at any time, please feel free to reach out to me; I will do my best to provide you answers.
In the coming days, I invite you to find time to simply listen:
Listen to the Sounds of Walden on Bandcamp
Recordings from the last several summers are available to you wherever you have an internet connection and a listening device (streaming online, for free). Take in some of the incredible music that has been composed, performed, and recorded at Walden over the last several years.  Bask in the collective music-making made possible by Walden, and celebrate the incredible creativity of our amazing community of musicians.  May our music be a balm during this difficult time.
I hold you in my heart, and I wish you and your families and loved ones an abundance of good health and creative community in the days to come.
Seth Brenzel
Executive Director