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The Walden School Musicianship Course: A Manual for Teachers

edited by Paul Nauert

Emerging from 50 years of extraordinary success, the Walden School Musicianship Course is now available in print. Its effectiveness long acknowledged by musicians who have closely observed the program, this unique and solidly organized curriculum is now available to the public.

The Walden School Musicianship Course: A Manual for Teachers offers insights and specific lesson plans to music educators that will assist them in planning imaginative curricula for their students. With great clarity, this text provides teachers with a thoroughly tested approach to the traditional materials of music theory, including ear-training, sight-singing and keyboard musicianship, as well as an innovative curriculum for teaching Computer Musicianship. In the Walden School’s completely integrated course, students discover new concepts for themselves, isolate and drill each area of study, and finally use the materials to create an original improvisation or composition.

A Solfege and Rhythms Supplement to The Walden School Musicianship Course: A Manual for Teachers

edited by Paul Nauert

The Solfege and Rhythms Supplement offers a systematic, incremental, and improvisational approach to the study of melody and rhythm.

It includes an abundance of creative activities that not only help students learn to read, understand, and perform music accurately and musically, but also develop excellent aural skills, and directly support the development of high-level competence in melodic improvisation and composition. Written by Patricia Plude and Leo Wanenchak, veteran Walden faculty members who have taught Walden Musicianship in a variety of educational settings for many years, this volume details an organic, logical, and sequential curriculum to teaching solfege and rhythms. Framed in Walden’s hallmark discover – drill – create approach to music education, the curriculum is playful, thorough, and inspiring.

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