2018 Walden/JCC Alumni Reunion

Celebrating 67 years of transformative music programs


Some of America’s most promising composers and musicians

Alumni of the Walden School pursue a variety of careers and interests, although all leave Walden with a greater appreciation for the creative arts, music, and the compositional process. Walden alumni are among America’s most promising young composers and musicians, and we do everything to empower their future understanding and application of musicianship.

Friendships formed atWalden last a lifetime.

Alumni often cherish their experiences at Walden School and retain a vibrant connection to the organization. Some return to work as staff members during their years in college, and many of our faculty members experienced the Walden School as students for the first time. These composers, educators, and musicians have committed to nurturing the next generation of youth, as Walden once nurtured them.

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