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Q: For whom is the Creative Musicians Retreat (CMR) designed?
A: The Retreat is designed for musicians who are interested in composition, improvisation, electronic music, performance, choral singing and/or music pedagogy. Those who consider themselves amateur musicians as well as those who are advanced and/or professional are welcome, along with everyone in between. The Retreat, however, is not designed for absolute beginners.

Q: What is the age range of participants at the Creative Musicians Retreat?
CMR is open to applicants who are of college age and older, ages 18+. We anticipate that participants will be a wide range of ages. At previous Retreats, participants have ranged in age from 18 to 76.

Q: What type of musicians would benefit from the Creative Musicians Retreat?
A: Classical musicians, jazz musicians, improvising musicians, choral musicians, composing musicians, teaching musicians, popular musicians, avant-garde musicians and un-categorizable musicians will all benefit from and contribute to the Creative Musicians Retreat. All participants should be able to call themselves “creative musicians”!

Q: What is the schedule at the Creative Musicians Retreat?
A: Participants enjoy a wide variety of activities and classes at the Creative Musicians Retreat. For a sample schedule from past years, visit the schedule or review the schedule document that accompanies the application materials.

Q: What are the different “focus areas”?
A: There are four focus areas at the Creative Musicians Retreat: Choral, Composition, Pedagogy, and Performance. Many people combine offerings from several focus areas.

Q: What is your participant to teacher ratio?
A: Approximately 5-6 students per teacher.

Q: At what level are the courses you will be teaching?
A: At your level! Our courses will be targeted to our participants’ interests and abilities. Some classes are very advanced, and some are designed for those with less experience.

Q: I would like to study electronic music at the Retreat. What courses will you offer this year?
A: In 2019, we will offer two different courses: a course in Walden’s Electronic Musicianship curriculum (i.e. Musique Concrète), as well as a more advanced class.

Q: I would like to take composition at the Creative Musicians Retreat. May I do that?
A: Yes. Our faculty members and the Composer-in-Residence will give composition lessons and master classes. The members of our faculty have diverse compositional backgrounds and interests, giving students plenty to draw from over the course of the week.

Q: I’m a music teacher interested in learning more about Walden’s Musicianship Course. Is the Creative Musicians Retreat for me?
A: Yes! There are pedagogy workshops at CMR for music teachers (elementary through college) interested in learning more about The Walden School’s interactive approach to teaching music. Our pedagogy is applicable to a variety of learning environments, including classroom teaching, ensemble rehearsals, and private lessons.

Q: I’m a choral singer. Is the Creative Musicians Retreat for me?
A: Yes! Everyone at CMR sings in the choir. Those interested in more singing can choose to sing in the Chamber Choir in the afternoon. The Chamber Choir prepares world premiere pieces by participants for the Composers Forums.

Q: I’m a performer. Is the Creative Musicians Retreat for me?
A: Yes! We welcome instrumentalists and vocalists who are interested in working with members of our Ensemble-in-Residence. Participants in the Performance Track will prepare chamber music for a concert and perform music by composers at the Retreat on Composers Forums.

Q: What is a Composers Forum?
A: A Composers Forum is a public concert of new music. After each piece is performed, the audience and composer discuss the piece and the composer’s compositional process. This conversation is guided by a moderator (the Composer-in-Residence).

Q: Who is the Composer-in-Residence? Who is the Ensemble-in-Residence?
A: In 2019, our Composer-in-Residence will be George Lewis. The Ensemble-in-Residence is the Mivos Quartet. Percussionist Matthew Gold will also be in residence.

Q: Can I write a piece for the Ensemble-in-Residence to be performed on a Composers Forum?
A: Yes. The Retreat will include three Composers Forums of works by composers at the retreat. All participants will have the opportunity to have a composition/work-in-progress presented on a Composers Forum.

Q: Are Composers Forums recorded?
A: Yes. Each composer will receive an audio recording of his/her piece.

Q: Will the ensemble play an older work of mine on the Composers Forums?
A: Perhaps. We prefer that all composing participants present a new work during the Retreat. If you would like to submit a work previously composed/performed, please contact Caroline Mallonée, Director of the Creative Musicians Retreat, to discuss.

Q: I have been studying composition for many years. Is the Retreat a good place for me?
A: Yes. The retreat is designed for composers of all levels: beginner, undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals. All composers have the opportunity to write for and work with the ensemble-in-residence.

Q: Will I have my own room?
A: Everyone will have his/her own room. Bathrooms are shared with other residents of the dormitory.

Q: How much free time is there?
A: As little or as much as you would like! There is almost always something “going on” at the retreat, but you may take advantage of large amounts of optional time each afternoon, as you like. Free time is built into each afternoon and some evenings. Please refer to the schedule for more information.

Q: Which meals are provided?
A: Walden provides breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Dinner will be provided on the first day, Saturday, June 15. Breakfast will be provided on the last day, Sunday, June 23.

Q: Can I bring my family?
A: We seek to be a family-friendly program, and there are a variety of ways that we can welcome families to Walden. In the past, children, spouses/significant others, and other family members have accompanied participants to Walden. Please be in touch with us in order to make arrangements.

Q: Will I have Internet access?
A: Yes, there is wireless Internet access throughout the buildings. Everyone will get a username and password for the network.

Q: Will I need to bring a laptop computer?
A: No. You may bring a computer if you wish. The electronic music lab will be available for those working in the electronic music program. Please note that there is no notation software on Walden’s computers.

Q: I use computer notation software on my computer. Will I be able to print at the retreat?
A: Yes. There will be a printer available for participants. However, there is no notation software on Walden’s computers.

Q: Can I bring a car and will parking be provided?
A: Yes. You may bring a car and park it for free on campus. All dorms and facilities in which you will be working are within walking distance of each other.

Q: Where is the Creative Musicians Retreat held?
A: The Walden School Creative Musicians Retreat is held on the campus of The Dublin School, in Dublin, New Hampshire. The campus is about an hour from the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire, 45 minutes from the Amtrak station in Brattleboro, Vermont, and two hours from Boston’s Logan Airport.

Q: What is the price of the Creative Musicians Retreat?
A: The total price for the 2019 Creative Musicians Retreat is $2,200. This includes tuition, room and board, all instruction and activities. To pay by credit card or PayPal, there is an additional 5% fee. All admitted students are eligible to request an interest-free payment installment plan. Applications completed in the first round are eligible for a $200 early tuition payment discount if all fees are paid by February 2019 (see dates and fees document for details). A $30 non-refundable application fee must accompany the application – $31.50 if paying the application fee by credit card or PayPal.

Q: Is financial aid available?
A: Yes. There is need-based financial aid available. A completed financial aid application and 2018 tax documentation is required to be eligible. The Walden School is committed to making our programs affordable and possible for deserving applicants, and we have a limited financial aid budget.

Q: Is financial aid available?
A: Yes! There is need-based financial aid available, and all students are eligible for an interest-free payment plan. The Walden School is committed to making our programs affordable for deserving applicants. We have a limited financial aid budget, so we encourage you to complete the financial aid application as soon as your 2018 tax documentation is available.

What had the greatest impact on me was the course on computer music, which greatly expanded my thinking on what music is..

– Creative Musicians Retreat Participant

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