Young Musicians Program: Apply Today for Summer Camp June 29-August 4

Applications for the 2013 Young Musicians Program are being accepted. While the 3rd round of applications were due on Friday, April 19, there are still a few places remaining in our 2013 student body. More information can be found at program/ or feel free to contact us in our office using the 'Contact Us' link on our website.

PRISM Saxophone Quartet - Multiple Minimal

Born in the early 1960s in the underground scene in San Francisco and New York, minimalism and its offshoots (post-minimalism, totalism) have become wildly popular forms of new classical music. The PRISM Quartet performs music by two of its originators and long-time champions, Terry Riley and Philip Glass, along with composers deeply influenced by their work, including John Adams, Michael Torke, and Samuel Phillips-Corwin, Walden alumnus and winner of the 2011 PRISM Quartet/Walden School Commissioning Award.