Thank you for your interest in The Walden School
Young Musicians Program 2023

The online YMP 2023 application can be found at the link below. The application link and all of the materials below will also be provided by email at the address you provided. 

Young Musicians Program 2023 Application Is Here

In addition to short answer questions about you, your interests, and your musical background, the following items will be requested on the application:

Teacher Recommendation: The applicant should download a teacher recommendation and give the form to a recommender. The recommender should return the completed form and letter of recommendation to The Walden School.

Applicant Essay: Applicants are asked to submit a short essay (approximately 200-500 words) that will help the admissions committee develop a broader picture of your personality, talents and interests. Topics for this brief personal statement could be autobiographical in nature, provide more information about your musical and creative interests, and/or can answer questions such as why you want to attend YMP. 

Parent/Guardian Statements: The applicant’s parents or guardians are asked to submit two statements addressing the student’s ability to live and thrive in a summer camp community away from their home. The two prompts, and the applicant essay prompt, can also be found here

Supplementary Materials: The Walden School welcomes any additional materials you would like to send with your application. These might include recordings or scores of original music, certificates of merit or awards, samples of non-music related projects (poetry, photography, artwork, other creative work). Instructions on how to submit materials are provided in the application. 

Application Fee: $55, non-refundable. Applications are not considered complete until the application fee is received by our office.  

Please see the YMP 2023 Schedule of Dates and Fees for details about application deadlines, program fee descriptions, and how to make payments, including the application fee. Download a Financial Aid Application if you will be applying for aid.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or at (415) 587-8157. You can also stay in touch with Walden by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and hear music from past Walden programs on our Bandcamp page. We look forward to receiving your application!