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Volunteer Opportunities

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Administrative Positions

There are no open administrative positions at this time.

2017 Summer Positions

Young Musicians Program – Camp Nurse

The Walden School, a summer music festival for musicians interested in improvisation and composition, in residence each summer at the Dublin School in Dublin, New Hampshire, seeks a camp nurse for its 2017 summer session of its flagship Young Musicians Program.

Responsibilities include working with the program director and program leadership team to ensure health among the community’s approximately 55 students and 22 faculty & staff; reviewing all medical forms and educating Walden’s faculty and staff regarding important information contained within; supervising the care of sick students or faculty / staff during the summer session; communicating and working with parents of students in incidence of student illness and/or injury; overseeing the disbursement of regular student medications; living on campus and performing staff duties, including dorm supervision; hiking with the community on 4 nearby mountains; performing other duties as determined by the Director of the Young Musicians Program.

The position is a full-time, six-week residential position, between June 26, 2017, and August 8, 2017. Compensation is in the form of a salary, along with room & board.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:

Seth Brenzel, Director, Young Musicians Program

via email: sbrenzel@waldenschool.org

via US mail: Seth Brenzel, The Walden School, 30 Monterey Boulevard, Suite E, San Francisco, CA, 94131

Telephone interviews for selected candidates will follow.

The Camp Nurse’s primary responsibility is to work with the Leadership Team, Faculty, & Staff to create and maintain a safe, healthy environment during The Walden School Young Musicians Program’s summer session in New Hampshire. The position reports to the Director, Young Musicians Program, and works closely with the Director of Operations and Dean of Students, as well as the Young Musicians Program Leadership Team.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Participating in and leading parts of Faculty / Staff Orientation and regular Faculty / Staff meetings as necessary.
  • Greeting parents and students on arrival day and completing a health screening; maintaining all on-going communications with parents regarding the health status of children in the care of The Walden School.
  • Reviewing medical forms from students/faculty/staff and advising faculty and staff of any important information contained therein that affect the care of the students.
  • Reviewing student’s dietary restrictions and possible food allergies and working with the Director of Operations in communicating with kitchen staff about maintaining healthy and safe student meal services.
  • Serve as a part-time camp counselor and staff member, assisting with recreational activities, student life and minimal front-office tasks. Serve as a dorm supervisor.
  • Checking in on any sick students throughout the summer session; providing care and arranging for supplementary care, as required.
  • Managing and overseeing the disbursement of regular student medications, including allergy shots/pills, as required.
  • Stocking and maintaining adequate first aid kits and over-the-counter medical supplies.
  • Arranging doctor’s appointments as necessary and transporting students to and from appointments.
  • Hiking up to 4 nearby mountains with the entire Walden community and monitoring health/safety issues associated with any and all off-campus trips, including swim trips.
  • Advising staff / faculty about any ongoing health issues in the community.
  • Participating fully in the life of the community, including (hopefully) singing in our faculty/staff chorus, and responding to health issues as they arise during the course of the summer program.
  • Possibly training The Walden School faculty and staff in basic first aid and/or other health-related matters.

Benefits: Opportunity to be a vital member of a friendly and supportive community; opportunity to attend excellent concerts and workshops by visiting guest artists; close proximity to Boston and other quaint New England towns; excellent swimming in nearby Dublin Lake.

 download a PDF – YMP Camp Nurse job posting

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