Choral Singing

  • In the same way that a student can become a better musician by watching great musicians perform, I know I am a better teacher just from watching the faculty teach.

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

Singing has been integral to the life of The Walden School since its founding. Each participant and each member of the staff and faculty participates in choral singing while at Walden’s programs. The Musicianship Course, which is the core course of the curriculum, incorporates singing as an activity underpinning each student’s fluency with music as a language.

Participants at the Teacher Training Institute have the opportunity for community singing and train with solfege using Curwen handsigns in daily choral rehearsals. Each choral rehearsal of The Walden School Choruses includes activities to develop natural body alignment, freedom of breath, confidence of intonation, diction, character, intention and ease of vocal production.

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