Computer Musicianship

  • At the beginning of the week, I was saying, ‘I’m not a composer’, and now I’m thinking, ‘why can’t I be a composer?’

    – Teacher Training Institute participant

Computer Musicianship is a course designed with two goals in mind:

  • to teach a music educator/composer the equipment, software and techniques associated with computer music
  • to open one’s ear to the sounds of the natural world around us, thus exposing participants to perhaps the most fertile and underused source for new music: the world in which we live.

Computer Musicianship teaches participants how to use recording technology, and to manipulate and sequence sound on a number of software platforms, while also providing a survey of live electronic music. In addition to focusing on techniques, the course also familiarizes participants to the more than seventy years worth of music associated with the electronic music genre.

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