Adult Musicians

An eight-day festival, the Creative Musicians Retreat is offered for composers, improvisers, performers, electronic musicians, choristers, and music teachers  who want to delve more deeply into their own creativity.  In 2017, the Retreat will be held on the campus of the Dublin School, in Dublin, New Hampshire, from June 17-25.

The Creative Musicians Retreat, led by Dr. Caroline Mallonée, provides an opportunity for adult musicians to experience the rich curriculum, the innovative approaches to musicianship, improvisation and composition, and the community music-making long employed by Walden faculty at the School’s flagship Young Musicians Program.

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The Walden School Teacher Training Institute immerses participants in the pedagogy long taught at The Walden School, including the Walden School Musicianship Course.

Although this program is not offered this summer, we hope you may be interested in the Pedagogy offerings of the Creative Musicians Retreat.

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