In the Spotlight

Rosemarie Greenwald

Rosemarie and David Greenwald are parents of alumnus Mark Greenwald, who came to Walden for four summers, beginning in 1975.  Rosemarie and David have been supporting Walden ever since, and we are so grateful for their generosity. We caught up with Rosemarie to hear some of her Walden memories and hopes for the future.

How and when did your relationship with Walden begin?

I attended Peabody Preparatory from 1973 to 1977, the same time my son, Mark, was there, studying classical guitar. Jim Graham, my musicianship teacher, was on Walden’s faculty, and suggested that my son go to Walden. So Mark went to Walden at ages 14 to 18. He returned to Walden as a visitor in 1979.

What has been your involvement with Walden since then?

My involvement has mostly been as the parent of a former student. My husband David and I used to go up every year for Festival Week and hear the performances of all the students’ works. We also had a reception for Walden in our previous home in the Baltimore area.

Why do you give to Walden?

Mark had such a positive experience at Walden, and we wanted to help give that experience to other children. Mark experienced camaraderie at Walden, and he certainly developed his musical skills. Being an only child, it was important for Mark to share in community, and to learn discipline through music. Being away from home gave him some independence from his parents, and of course, the fresh air and beautiful countryside were great.

How are music and/or creativity part of your life now?

I sang from early childhood and participated in school choirs and musical events.  I’m a trained singer; studied with Ruth Drucker when I matriculated and graduated in January 1983 from Towson University, with a major in Vocal Performance. (My husband is often fond of saying he had two kids in college, at the same time.)  I continued private study with Ruth for years after, and held my final recital in 2014.  I have filled in for cantors; have been a soloist at churches; been a Choir Director; sung at weddings and funerals and was a choir member of my current synagogue.  My husband and I are former New Yorkers, and we have enjoyed Broadway shows; the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and we continue to hear other concerts at smaller venues.  David is not an opera fan, so mostly I went alone to operas in Baltimore and at the Met in New York City.  I was also the Administrative Assistant for Arno Drucker’s Festival Chamber Players, and it was Arno who introduced me to computers.

What is a non-music hobby you love?

I love to travel, sew and do machine embroidery and make jewelry in a home studio. Before my knee replacement surgery in April 2018, I was doing yoga.  The coronavirus has now curtailed that. I would like to start sewing protective equipment for healthcare workers, as soon as I can.

What is your hope or dream for Walden’s future?

I hope Walden continues to bring musical training to young people from all over the world, and that Walden will have solid funding and the resources it needs for the future. My son got excellent training at Walden, and that’s instilled in him. He didn’t make music his career (neither did I) but it calms our souls.