Walden has been a kind of magical place for Jack, where he could be his best self in a warm, loving, supportive environment.

Over the last five summers, he has learned great fundamental musicianship, been challenged to listen to new and different styles of music with open ears, he’s written music in a range of musical genres, and has developed an increasingly clear voice as a composer. But while the musical training is the reason we sent him to Walden in the first place, there is much more to the experience than the music. We have watched him grow from an uncertain new student, trying to find his way in the new environment, to a confident leader among the students, helping others to succeed and feel welcome.

Year after year, Walden’s faculty and staff consistently create among themselves and among the students a supportive community where each student’s individual talents and idiosyncrasies are appreciated.

Students write music of all kinds, at all levels, and they are respectful of each other’s artistic journey and process, investing care and attention in each other’s success. It is a delight to see kids in these often socially and emotionally difficult years taking care of each other and enabling their success. Walden is a treasure!